Live Algoma

Live Algoma is building a Culture of Health by supporting individual, organizational and community impacts along the seven dimensions of health and wellbeing. Using an Asset Based Community Development model, community members define for themselves the dimensions of wellbeing they would most like to work on, the resources and assets in the community that can be leveraged to support their desired aim, and coalesce partners to implement the initiative. 

The primary driver for this project is Live Algoma.  Live Algoma is an organization which is built on partnerships and the commitment of collaborators to improve the health of the greater Algoma community.  Through both formal activities and the ongoing addition of health conversations into everyday practice, efforts are building a culture that emphasizes the many ways that we can be a healthier community and focus on building on those things that work well to our unique community dimensions.  

Committing to social and economic health and well being, developing youth leadership capacities.

Live Algoma, a local community coalition spanning the Algoma School District footprint, invites community members to engage in their personal wellbeing and the overall health of our community.

Activation Team

The Activation Team focuses on facilitating collective action around impacting system and policy changes. Finally, at the center of our model is the Commons which houses a collection of community assets and resources that help support each of the other activation teams. The collective result of this framework exemplifies both a willingness and commitment to sustainable, strategic, and effective community improvement that rests upon inclusionary and equitable opportunities.

Live Algoma Organizations