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Are you interested in our consulting, speaking, or community planning services? Do you have a problem to solve and don’t know where to start? Do you recognize your part in making things possible? Then take action with KinectM1!

NE Wisconsin Kinect Collaborative Hub

Our 25,000 sq-ft complex in Northeast Wisconsin is a space where people find purpose, #kinection, and a network of collaborative partners.
Key Points:
  • A physical representation of how a Community+ of the Future Operates
  • Grounded in Social Connectedness where Business, Education, Non-Profit, and Philanthropy operate in harmony to address the Vital Conditions of Health necessary for ALL to THRIVE

Numerous collaborative spaces available for individuals to come together for a common purpose or a goal. Fully furnished with tables, chairs, flat screens, whiteboards, and artwork.


Four large open spaces available to co-create a design based on needs and innovation.


Several office spaces designed for individuals and privacy. Fully furnished with executive desks, whiteboards, shelves, chairs, and artwork.


Get prices for Office Rentals and Strategic Partnership:

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NE Wisconsin Kinect Collaborative Hub Tenants include:

Building a Network of Problem Solvers

See how we help individuals and communities shine brighter.


Northeast Wisconsin is where we first put our ideas into practice, we have engaged with many organizations to help them improve their communities and share information.
Key Points:
  • Partnered with the Basic Needs Giving Partnership to build a collaborative network across a region
  • Building BETTER, connected communities to recognize assets and collectively problem solve

Read about our many engagements in NE WI and beyond »

National Initiatives

While we’re based in NE WI, we have a broad reach and a goal of connecting communities nationwide.
Key Points:

The National Civic League and KinectM1 will work with 3-5 communities across the United States that, over the course of 18 months, will gather community stakeholders to identify a challenge of their choosing and, once collectively addressed, will significantly transform their community and move them towards the future they envision together. Communities will be supported as they collaboratively develop their own community roadmap and begin to act jointly on developed goals that move the ‘impossible’ to possible.

This will be an intensive ‘learning and doing’ program designed to elevate communities in achieving community transformation and systems change; while ensuring pathways for youth leadership. The goal of this project is to build the capacity of leaders at every level in order to be successful, and compound their influence on and with others.

A model of what’s possible

Communities of the Future

Building Communities+ of the Future requires a systemic and
robust set of interrelated connections, relationships, capability, capacity and a Building BETTER Community+ Roadmap to navigate the fragmented approach of today to the connected world of tomorrow.

Kinect M1 is focused on identifying, understanding, and ultimately co-creating the ‘solutions’ communities are searching for.  Whether you are a small group looking to expand your presence, a community focused on building a pathway forward, or an individual interested in the principles of community development, we can support you.

Our innovative, collaborative, people first approach produces the results to move everyone forward.