Our Services

Kinect M1 is focused on identifying, understanding, and ultimately co-creating the ‘solutions’ communities are searching for.  Whether you are a small group looking to expand your presence, a community focused on building a pathway forward, or an individual interested in the principles of community development, we can support you through our six lanes of operation. 

Our innovative, collaborative, people first approach produces the results to move everyone forward.

Community of Leaders

Virtual learning for leaders interested in developing capabilities in community transformation. Request Info »

Community Pathway

Virtual and/or in-person learning for ‘communities’ Interested in diving deeper into the Blueprint. Request Info »

Community Kinect

A growing set of references and resources that ‘communities’ and individuals can access online. Request Info »

M1 Communities

Bring together the brightest stars in thriving ‘communities’ to share and learn with and from one another. Request Info »

Community Consulting

Strategic and high-level consulting for ‘communities’/individuals that want a deeper relationship. Request Info »

Communities of the Future

Bring together the brightest youth stars to share and learn with and from one another. Request Info »